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Integrating Test Monitoring with TestStand

Last Modified: June 28, 2018

Send test data from TestStand to your SystemLink server.

To integrate SystemLink with TestStand, first install TestStand 2014 or later and NI SystemLink Client on the system you want to send test reports from. Installing SystemLink Client on the test system automatically installs the Test Monitor Reporter plugin for TestStand.
  1. In TestStand, click Configure»Result Processing and ensure the NI SystemLink Client plugin is enabled.
  2. Open NI SystemLink Web Application and click Test Monitor. You can see all the test results associated with your managed systems. Tests from TestStand instantly appear here and update in real time.
  3. You can send test reports from TestStand in NI SystemLink Web Application.
    1. Under Configure»Result Processing, enable the Report plugin and change the file type to HTML.
    2. Run the test sequence you want to send a report for. You can run tests sequentially or in parallel. TestStand automatically creates all necessary tags to monitor values for each instance of the test sequence. You can view these tags in Tag Viewer.
    3. In NI SystemLink Web Application, double-click the test in Test Monitor.
    4. Download the test report under Attachments.

      This test report is also stored in File Viewer, but is only accessible through the test details page. If you delete the test report file from File Viewer, you will not be able to download the attachment.

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