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Specifying Values for Items Controls

Last Modified: November 15, 2017

Define which items to include and assign values to each item in an Items control.

An Items control is any control that contains multiple items, such as a drop down list, list box, radio button group, or tree.
  1. Define which items to include in the Items control. Use any of the following methods to specify items in the Property Editor for an Items control.
    • Add individual items in the Items list. Double-click each item in the list to specify its label and value.
    • Bind the Items list to a string tag representing a JSON array of objects.
    • Specify a Tag query, which populates the items with all tags that match the query.
  2. Define the value associated with each item in the Items list. Use either of the following methods to define the Item value for each item.
    • Define a value by binding the item to a tag. Check Bind as tags to interpret the label of items in the Items list as tags instead of strings. Item value will then bind to the value of the tag.
    • Define a value by directly specifying the Item value. Leave Bind as tags unchecked and specify a value in Item value.

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