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Visualizing Historical Tag Data

    Last Modified: December 18, 2019

    Display past tag values to visualize test and measurement data trends.

    1. On SystemLink Cloud, click Data.
    2. Select the tag you want to view and click History . A graph with the historical data for the tag launches.
    3. Optional: Select the drop-down menu to change how you want to display the data.
    4. Optional: Save the historical tag data. Use the following table to determine how you want to save the data.
      Goal File type Task(s)
      Visualize historical data trends on a graph PNG Click to save the historical data trend as a PNG file.
      Visualize historical data trends in a table CSV
      1. Click »Tags.
      2. Select the tag and click Export History .
    If you want to modify how long you store values for your tags, refer to Updating the Retention Settings of Your Historical Tag Data in this manual.

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