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Visualizing Data on a Tile Dashboard

    Last Modified: November 24, 2020

    Create a dashboard using tiles to visualize tag data from your distributed test and measurement systems.

    1. On SystemLink Cloud, click Visualizations.
    2. Click Dashboards and click New.
    3. Enter a name for the dashboard.
    4. Select Tile as the dashboard type.
    5. Click OK. The dashboard editor opens.
    6. Click New Tile and select the tile you want to visualize data.
    7. On the Data tab, select the type of data you want to display on the tile.
    8. Optional: If you want to display additional data on the tile, click + and repeat step 7.

      Donut and graph tiles are the only tile types to which you can add multiple data sources.

    9. On the Properties tab, configure how you want the tile to look. Refer to Automatically Displaying Properties on a Dashboard Tile for steps to configure properties you can automatically display on a tile.
    10. Click Done.
    11. Repeat steps 5-9 to add more tiles to the dashboard.
    12. At the top of the editor, click Panel Size and select the type of device on which you want to monitor the dashboard.
    13. Disable the Edit toggle to view your dashboard.

      The dashboard editor automatically saves your dashboard whenever you make a change.

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