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Updating Retention Settings for Your Historical Tag Data

    Last Modified: December 18, 2019

    Make storage space available on your account by changing the retention settings for your data.

    1. In Data, click Tags.
    2. Click Filter and configure a query to locate the tags you want to update. For example, if you want to filter your tags to only show results with "foo" and "1" as a key-value pair, you would create the following query.
      Property Operation Values
      Properties equals
      • foo for the Key
      • 1 for the Value
      SystemLink Cloud automatically returns the tags that match the criteria of your query.
    3. Select the tags you want to modify and click Update.
    4. For Retention, select the retention setting you want to implement. Refer to the following table to determine which setting you want to apply.
      Retention setting What it does Recommended for making space available?
      Count Retains historical data until your account reaches the maximum count of tags you set. When your account reaches the maximum count, SystemLink Cloud deletes the oldest historical value every time it obtains a new value. Yes
      Duration Retains historical data for a set number of days before SystemLink Cloud deletes it. Yes
      None Never retains historical data. Therefore, you can only see the current data values. Yes
      Permanent Retains historical data permanently. No
    5. Optional: Change the default value for the retention setting.
    6. Click Update.
    7. Click Storage to review your updated storage totals and forecast.

      If you need to make more space available, delete a group of tags your team no longer needs.

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