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Selecting a Tile Type

    Last Modified: December 18, 2019

    Choose which tile you need to use based on the data source you want to visualize.

    Refer to the following table to determine the type of tile you want to add.
    Goal Data Tile type
    Visualize numeric information about your tag data Tags Number
    Visualize multiple data sources in proportion to each other Donut
    Visualize tag data on a graph to display trends Graph
    Visualize status or health information about your systems Status
    Visualize contextual information about your tag data
    • Tags
    • Static text
    Visualize the time an event took place, timestamps associated with your data, or the current time in any time zone
    • Tags
    • Current time
    Visualize customized content Formatted text Markdown
    After you select a tile, add a data source to it. Refer to Visualizing Data on a Tile Dashboard for more information.

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