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Verifying Your Tag Data

    Last Modified: June 25, 2020

    Troubleshoot your test and measurement data on SystemLink Cloud to verify your client returns tag data as expected.

    Before you start troubleshooting your tag data in SystemLink Cloud, you must:
    • Verify the application you want to obtain and communicate tag data is configured to connect to SystemLink Cloud.
    • Verify the application is running.
    1. On SystemLink Cloud, click Data.
    2. Click Filter and configure a query to return the tags that match the criteria.
    3. Select the tag you want to review and click Edit .
      1. Verify the tag value updates at the time interval you set in the application.
      2. Verify the data type of your tag is correct.
      3. Click Update or Cancel to return to the list of tags.
    4. Click History to view the historical values of the tag.

      To view historical data, you must have the retention settings of the tag set either Count, Duration, or Permanent. If you set the retention settings to None, SystemLink Cloud does not retain the historical values of your tag—only the current values of the tag.

      1. If you see an event where your data did not perform as expected, select the magnifying glass to examine the value closer.
      2. Click the camera ( ) to capture the data for analysis.
      3. To return to the default view of the historical tag values, double-click the graph.
    5. If your data is not performing as expected, debug your application in the programming environment. The following table highlights common troubleshooting tips.
      Task Example
      Verify the endpoint of your application is SystemLink Cloud.
      Verify you defined the tag path with dot separators. Station1.Temperature.BuildingA

      Refer to Transferring Data Using Tags in this manual for more information.

    6. After you finish debugging your application, select Data and confirm the tag values return as expected.

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