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Reusing Dashboard Elements with Templates

    Last Modified: August 24, 2020

    Create templates and template grids to create dashboards more efficiently.

    1. In Visualizations, click Templates.
    2. Click + New and enter a name for the template.
    3. In the editor, add the outputs, decorations, containers, and inputs you reuse often onto the panel.
    4. In the configuration pane, configure the items.
    5. When you finish configuring the template, click Save.
    6. Click Visualizations and then Dashboards.
    7. Open the dashboard you want to add your template to.
    8. In the dashboard editor palette, under Containers, drag a Template onto the panel.
    9. Select the template you want to use from the list.
    10. Click OK. The template appears with all of the items and controls you configured.
    11. Optional: If you want to view several sets of tag data side by side using the same template, create a Template grid.
      1. Drag a Template grid to the panel.
      2. In the configuration pane, select the Item template you want to use in the template grid and click OK.
      3. For Tag query, specify which tags you want to use to populate the template grid. The template grid automatically populates with one template copy for each tag that matches the query. For more information about tag queries, refer to Monitoring Data with Tags.
      4. Change the appearance of your tag grid using any of the other options in the configuration pane. These values can also be bound tag values.
    12. Click Save and Play to view your dashboard.

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