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Managing Your SystemLink Cloud Storage

    Last Modified: December 18, 2019

    Visualize and manage the storage space available on your SystemLink Cloud account.

    Every SystemLink Cloud account comes with storage space for your data. If you exceed your storage limits, SystemLink Cloud stops storing new data until you make space available. Therefore, monitoring your storage space is key to obtaining data recently available from your test and measurement systems.

    Refer to the following table to determine what tasks to complete to manage your storage space.

    Goal Task
    I want to change how long or how many tags I save. Update the retention settings of your tags.
    I want to delete a batch of tags or files from my account. Remove a group of tags from your account.
    1. In Data, click Tags or Files.
    2. Click Filter and configure a query to locate the tags or files you want to delete.
    3. Select the returned tags or files and click Delete.

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