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Hosting a Web Application on SystemLink Cloud

    Last Modified: November 17, 2020

    Upload a web application as a package (.nipkg) to securely host it.

    Before you upload your application or WebVI on SystemLink Cloud, you must complete the following tasks:
    • Remove the API key from the panel and the diagram to maximize the security of your web application. Refer to the Hosting Authentication Credentials Securely section of Security in NI Web Technology for more information.
    • Build a package of your web application.
    Complete the following steps to upload your application or WebVI on to SystemLink Cloud.
    1. On SystemLink Cloud, click Visualizations.
    2. Click WebVIs and click Upload
    3. Upload the package.
      • Drag the package from your machine to the upload window.
      • Click browse to locate the package on your machine and double-click it.
    4. Click Close.
    SystemLink Cloud now hosts your web application.

    If your web application fails to upload, refer to SystemLink Cloud Service Requirements and Limits for more information.

    To access, monitor, and interact with your web application from a web browser, click on the web application to launch it in a web browser.

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