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Creating an API Key

    Last Modified: March 30, 2021

    Create an application programming interface key (API key) so SystemLink Cloud can authenticate your application or WebVI.


    For more information about API keys, refer to the SystemLink Cloud Security section of Security in NI Web Technology.

    1. On SystemLink Cloud, click Security.
    2. Click New.
    3. Click Copy key to save the API key.

      You can only see the API key once. If you forget to copy or delete the API key, create another one.

    4. Under API key settings, delete the generated API key name and enter a new one.

      Choose a name that helps you identify which application uses the API key.

    5. Select whether your want to use the default policy automatically assigned to your API key.

      If you use the default policy, you can edit the permissions of the policy after you create the API key.

    6. Click Update.
    After you create your API key, create or modify a policy to define the actions an application calling the API key can make.

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