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Automatically Displaying Properties on a Dashboard Tile

    Last Modified: August 24, 2020

    Add properties, or key-value pairs, to a tag to automatically populate them on a dashboard tile when you add the tag to a tile.

    1. On SystemLink Cloud, click Data and Tags.
    2. Locate the tag you want to use as a data source for a dashboard tile and click »Edit.
    3. Under Properties, define the property you want to automatically populate on the tile when you add the tag as a data source. Refer to the following table to determine which properties you want to add and the keys you need to use.
      Property on the tile Description Key Example value
      Title Name you want the tile to display displayName Failed tests
      Units Unit of measurement, quantity, or classification of the data units
      • Tests
      • km/s
      Navigation Link to data source on SystemLink Cloud hyperlink

      These are the only properties you can define to automatically display on a tile for a tag.

    4. Repeat step 3 to add more properties.
    5. Click Update.
    When you add the tag to a dashboard tile, the properties you defined automatically display on the tile. Refer to Visualizing Data on a Tile Dashboard for more information.

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