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Setting up the FieldDAQ Device

    Last Modified: August 1, 2019

    Complete the following steps.

    1. Install the application software (if applicable), as described in the installation instructions that accompany your software. Check your driver and application development environment (ADE) readme files for specific version compatibility.
    2. Install NI-DAQmx from Complete the instructions.
    3. Register your NI hardware online at when prompted. The last dialog box opens with the following options:
      • Restart Later to install more NI software or documentation.
      • Shut Down or Restart if you are ready to install your device.

      If you have problems installing your software, go to

    4. (Optional) Mount the FieldDAQ device to a panel.
    5. Make signal connections.
    6. Align and connect one end of the Ethernet cable to Ethernet port 0 on the device, and the other end directly to your computer or any network connection on the same subnet as your computer.
    7. Power the device by aligning and connecting the power IN port on FieldDAQ to an external 9 V DC to 30 V DC power source with the 5-pin L-coded M12 power cable.

      The Power LED turns on.

    8. To add the FieldDAQ to your software configuration, open NI MAX on your Windows host computer. Expand Devices and Interfaces»Network Devices.

      • If the device is on your local subnet, the device automatically appears in the list of available devices. Right-click the FieldDAQ device and select Add Device.
      • If the device is not on your local subnet, right-click Network Devices and select Find Network NI-DAQmx Devices.
        1. In the Find Network NI-DAQmx Devices dialog box that opens, do one of the following:
          • Check the box that corresponds to your device in the Hostname column.
            Figure 1. Find Network NI-DAQmx Devices
          • If you know the device IP address, such as, enter it into the Add Device Manually field of the Find Network NI-DAQmx Devices window, and click the + button.
          • Enter the hostname of the device. The default hostname is FD116xx-<serial number>.
        2. Click Add Selected Devices.

          The FieldDAQ device icon changes from white to dark grey, indicating that it is recognized and present on the network.

          Figure 2. MAX Icons and States
          1. Discovered, but Not Added to the Network
          2. Recognized, Present, and Reserved on the Network
          3. Recognized, but Disconnected from the Network, Unreserved, or Reserved by Another Host
          If your device does not appear in Available Devices, click Refresh List. If the device still does not appear, try the following:
          • If you connected the FieldDAQ device directly to your computer, ensure your network card is configured to obtain an IP address automatically, then click Refresh List.

            If you connected the FieldDAQ device directly to your computer, the setup time may be longer. Wait 30 to 60 seconds after the STATUS LED turns off, then click Refresh List.

          • Contact your system administrator to confirm that the network is working and that a firewall is not interfering with discovery. For additional troubleshooting resources for the FieldDAQ device, refer to the Troubleshooting Device Connectivity in this guide and the Finding a Network DAQ Device in MAX topic in the Measurement & Automation Explorer Help for NI-DAQmx.
      Figure 3. Network Devices in MAX
    9. If the FieldDAQ device is not reserved automatically, select the device and click the Reserve Network Device button.
    10. Self-test your device in MAX by expanding Devices and Interfaces»Network Devices, right-clicking your FieldDAQ device, and selecting Self-Test. Self-test performs a brief test to determine successful device installation. When the self-test finishes, a message indicates successful verification or if an error occurred. If an error occurs, refer to
    11. Run a test panel in MAX by expanding Devices and Interfaces»Network Devices»your FieldDAQ device, right-clicking the bank of connectors in your FieldDAQ device, and selecting Test Panels. If the test panel displays an error message, refer to Click Close to exit the test panel.

    When in use, the FieldDAQ device may become warm to the touch. This is normal.


    M12 connectors must be mated to cables or have caps installed on them to meet IP requirements. Cover the unused connectors with the included plastic caps whenever water, dust, or dirt are present.


    Avoid long periods of exposure to sunlight.

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