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    Last Modified: August 1, 2019

    FieldDAQ can be mounted on any substrate in any orientation if the ambient temperature is 75 °C or less. However, to ensure proper functionality during use above 75 °C, you must mount the FieldDAQ device in the reference mounting configuration shown in the following figure. Observe the following guidelines to mount the FieldDAQ device in the reference mounting configuration.

    Figure 1. Reference Mounting Configuration
    1. Vertical mounting orientation.
    2. Mount the FieldDAQ device directly to a metallic surface that is at least 1.6 mm (0.062 in.) thick and extends a minimum of 76.2 mm (3 in.) beyond all edges of the device.
    3. Observe the cooling dimensions in Mounting Requirements.
    4. Allow space for cabling clearance according to the Mounting Requirements.

    Before using any mounting methods, record the serial number from the back of the FieldDAQ device so that you can identify it in MAX. You will be unable to read the serial number after you mount the device.

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