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Input Coupling

    Last Modified: August 1, 2019

    You can configure the FieldDAQ device for either AC or DC coupling in software.

    • DC coupling—Passes any DC offset present in the source signal to the ADC. Choose this configuration when the signal source has only small amounts of offset voltage or if the DC content of the acquired signal is important.
    • AC coupling—Enables a highpass resistor-capacitor (RC) filter into the signal conditioning path. The filter time constant is 300 ms. The highpass RC filter settles to 0.5% accuracy in 1.6 s in response to a step input. It takes 5 s to settle to 24-bit accuracy in response to a step input. Signal output impedances greater than 100 kΩ can noticeably lengthen settling times. Choose this configuration to take full advantage of the input dynamic range for sources with a significant amount of unwanted offset.

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