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Editing a Script

    Last Modified: March 25, 2021

    The Scripts tab of the large panel displays the list of scripts available in the configured script folder. Clicking on a script displays the file in a read-only script viewer window to the right.

    If a script or any command within it is invalid, the script viewer marks invalid lines in red and displays an error message at the bottom of the window. Click the View Command Syntax drop-down to view more information about supported commands and their syntax.

    Refer to Script Command Syntax for more information about each of these commands.

    Complete the following steps to edit a script.
    1. From the Available Scripts list, select the file you want to edit and click the Edit icon to the right. The script opens in your default text editing application.
    2. Edit the script using the appropriate syntax. Save and close the script when you are finished editing it.
    3. Click the Refresh button in the script manager view to load the change into the Semiconductor Device Control Add-On
    You can delete a script by clicking the Trash icon to the right.

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