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Configuring a DIO Channel

Last Modified: March 25, 2021

Before you begin this procedure, create a PXIe-657x interface using the Digital Pattern Editor and configure the interface using the Semiconductor Device Control Add-On.

Ensure that you open your Semiconductor Device Control Add-On project in a large panel before configuring interfaces and functions.

Complete the following steps to configure a DIO channel for a PXIe-657x interface.

  1. Click Conf I/O to open the Hardware Configuration tab of the large panel.
  2. In the configuration section of the Hardware Configuration tab, select the PXIe-657x interface that you want to add a function to and click Add Funtion.
  3. Select Channel from the Choose Function list, and select DIO from the list of channels. Enter the name of the channel, and click Add.
  4. Select the new channel in the list to display the configuration options.
  5. Select the voltage level file from the Levels File Name drop-down menu.

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