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Monitoring a Test Automation Program

Last Modified: March 25, 2021

During test automation program execution, the Semiconductor Device Control Add-On monitors and logs each device control action that the program executes. You can view this information in real time to assess and debug your test automation program.

You must open your test automation program in your preferred programming environment before you begin this procedure.

Complete the following steps to monitor the execution of a test automation program. If needed, you can open the Semiconductor Device Control Add-On project before you initiate the test automation program.

  1. Initiate the test automation program from your programming environment.
  2. Open the Semiconductor Device Control Add-On project that uses the same register map configuration as the test automation program.

The Semiconductor Device Control Add-On will enter monitoring mode. In this mode, the test automation program posts each device control action in the device activity monitor. Additionally, the value column of the register/field list displays the current value for each register or field in the list.

After the test automation program execution is complete, the Semiconductor Device Control Add-On returns to the default idle mode.

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