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FAM Registers Address Table

    Last Modified: April 18, 2017

    Registers on all programmable devices are represented by offsets in a single register space. Use the Address Offsets from the following table to address registers within a specific device. For example, to write to register 0x25 on the ADC, set the Register Bus Address to 0x01000025.
    Address Offset Device
    0x02000000 DAC
    0x03000000 Clock Distribution Chip
    0x04000000 Frequency/Phase Adjust DAC
    0x05000000 EEPROM Chip Memory
    0x06000000 EEPROM Chip Commands. Refer to the EEPROM table.
    0x07000000 LO
    0x0B000000 Tx Attenuator

    EEPROM Command Table

    These Address Offsets send specific commands to the EEPROM. Refer to the EEPROM data sheet for more information.

    Address Offset Command Read Data Write Data Read or Write?
    0x06000001 WRSR N/A Bits 7..0 Write
    0x06000004 WRDI N/A N/A Write
    0x06000005 RSDR Bits 7..0 N/A Read
    0x06000006 WREN N/A N/A Write
    0x06000020 4 KByte sector-erase N/A Bits 7..0 Write
    0x06000050 EWSR N/A N/A Write
    0x06000060 Chip-erase N/A N/A Write
    0x06000090 Read ID Bits 7..0 0 reads MFG ID. 1 reads Device ID Read

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