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PXIe-5442 Pinout and LEDs

    Last Modified: April 10, 2017

    Refer to the following figure and tables for information about the PXIe-5442 front panel connectors and LEDs:

    Table 1. PXIe-5442 Signal Descriptions
    Signal Connector Type Access Description
    CH 0 SMB Output Generates waveforms from an analog output terminal.
    CLK IN Input Accepts an external PLL Reference Clock and can phase-lock the internal Sample Timebase Clock to the external Reference Clock. The signal on this connector can also be used as a Sample Clock source.
    PFI 0 Input/Output Accepts a trigger from an external source and can start or step through waveform generation or route signals from several clock, event, and trigger sources.
    PFI 1
    Table 2. PXIe-5442 ACCESS LED Indicators
    The ACCESS LED indicates basic hardware status.
    LED Color Indication
    No color (off) The PXIe-5442 is not yet functional, or the PXIe-5442 has detected a problem with a power rail.
    Amber The PXIe-5442 is being accessed.
    Green The PXIe-5442 is ready to be programmed by NI-FGEN.
    Table 3. PXIe-5442 ACTIVE LED Indicators
    The ACTIVE LED indicates the PXIe-5442 hardware state.
    LED Color Indication
    No color (off) The PXIe-5442 is not generating.
    Amber The PXIe-5442 is armed and waiting for a trigger.
    Green The PXIe-5442 has received a trigger and is generating a waveform.
    Red The PXIe-5442 has detected an error. NI-FGEN must access the PXIe-5442 to determine the cause of the error. The LED remains red until the error condition is removed. Example errors include the following:
    • Phase-locked loop (PLL) unlocked: The PXIe-5442 has detected an unlocked condition on a previously locked PLL. A PLL that is unlocked while in reset does not show an error.
    • The PXIe-5442 has powered down because the internal temperature exceeded the maximum limit. The over-temperature condition must be corrected and the hardware reset. To reset the hardware, call niFgen Reset Device or niFgen_ResetDevice, or perform a device reset in MAX.[1]
    • 1 For more information about keeping the PXIe-5442 within internal temperature limits, refer to the Maintain Forced-Air Cooling Note to Users included with your PXIe-5442.

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