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    Last Modified: October 18, 2018

    PXIe, 40 MHz Bandwidth, 16-Bit PXI Waveform Generator

    • 200 MS/s sampling rate
    • 0.00775 Vpk-pk to 12 Vpk-pk output amplitude into a 50 Ω load
    • 0 MHz to 40 MHz sine wave generation
    • 0 MHz to 25 MHz square wave generation
    • 0 MHz to 5 MHz ramp and triangle wave generation
    • Standard function, arbitrary waveform, arbitrary sequence, frequency list, and script output modes
    • Single, continuous, stepped, and burst trigger modes when configured to frequency list, arbitrary waveform, or arbitrary sequence output modes
    • Independent channels (two-channel PXIe-5423 only)
    • NI-TClk synchronization

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