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PXIe-5413 Pinout and LEDs

    Last Modified: October 18, 2018

    Front Panel

    Refer to the following figure and tables for information about the one- and two-channel PXIe-5413 front panel connectors and LEDs.

    Table 1. PXIe-5413 Signal Descriptions
    Signal Connector Type Access Description
    1 CH 0 SMA Output Generates waveforms from an analog output terminal.
    2 CH 1
    3 PFI 0 Input/Output Imports digital trigger signals and exports digital event signals. Imported digital trigger signals can start or step through waveform generation, and exported event signals indicate the state of the generation engine.
    4 PFI 1
    5 AUX 0 MHDMR Routes digital trigger and event signals with eight bidirectional PFI lines and provides a +3.3 V power source.
    Table 2. PXIe-5413 ACCESS LED Indicators
    The ACCESS LED indicates basic hardware status.
    LED Color Indication
    6 No color (off) The PXIe-5413 is not yet functional.
    Amber The PXIe-5413 is being accessed.
    Green The PXIe-5413 is ready to be programmed by NI-FGEN.
    Table 3. PXIe-5413 ACTIVE LED Indicators
    The ACTIVE LED indicates the PXIe-5413 hardware state.
    LED Color Indication
    7 No color (off) The PXIe-5413 is not generating.
    Amber The PXIe-5413 is armed and waiting for a trigger.
    Green The PXIe-5413 has received a trigger and is generating a waveform.
    Red The PXIe-5413 has detected an error. NI-FGEN must access the PXIe-5413 to determine the cause of the error. The LED remains red until the error condition is removed. Example errors include the following:
    • Phase-locked loop (PLL) unlocked: The PXIe-5413 has detected an unlocked condition on a previously locked PLL. A PLL that is unlocked while in reset does not show an error.
    • The PXIe-5413 has powered down because the internal temperature exceeded the maximum limit. The over-temperature condition must be corrected and the hardware reset. To reset the hardware, call niFgen Reset Device or niFgen_ResetDevice.[1]

    AUX 0 Connector


    The AUX 0 connector accepts a standard, third-party HDMI™ type C cable, but the AUX 0 port is not an HDMI interface and the specified performance of the AUX 0 connector is not guaranteed if a third-party HDMI cable is used. Use NI cable assembly SHH19-MH19-AUX for all AUX 0 connections. Do not connect the AUX 0 port on the PXIe-5413 to the HDMI port of another device. NI is not liable for any damage resulting from such signal connections.

    Refer to the following figure and table for information about the PXIe-5413 AUX 0 connector pins.

    Table 4. AUX 0 Pin Signal Descriptions
    Pin Signal Description
    1 GND Ground reference for signals
    2 NC No connection
    3 GND Ground reference for signals
    4 GND Ground reference for signals
    5 NC No connection
    6 GND Ground reference for signals
    7 GND Ground reference for signals
    8 AUX 0/PFI 0 Bidirectional PFI line
    9 AUX 0/PFI 1 Bidirectional PFI line
    10 GND Ground reference for signals
    11 AUX 0/PFI 2 Bidirectional PFI line
    12 AUX 0/PFI 3 Bidirectional PFI line
    13 GND Ground reference for signals
    14 AUX 0/PFI 4 Bidirectional PFI line
    15 AUX 0/PFI 5 Bidirectional PFI line
    16 AUX 0/PFI 6 Bidirectional PFI line
    17 AUX 0/PFI 7 Bidirectional PFI line
    18 +3.3 V +3.3 V power output (200 mA maximum)
    19 GND Ground reference for signals
    • 1 For more information about keeping the PXIe-5413 within internal temperature limits, refer to the Maintain Forced-Air Cooling Note to Users included with your PXIe-5413 and at

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