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PXIe-5413 Block Diagram

    Last Modified: October 18, 2018

    The PXIe-5413 generates analog output signals from digital waveform data at the CH connectors and routes trigger, event, and clock signals.

    • Onboard Memory—Stores the waveform data and generation instructions that you load into the PXIe-5413.
    • Waveform Generation Engine—Retrieves the waveform data and instructions from the onboard memory and triggers from Trigger and Event Control using the Sample Clock.
    • Fractional Resampling and Filtering—Resamples (digital signal processing) and filters images.
    • Digital Gain—Applies digital gain to the signal.
    • DAC—Converts 16-bit digital waveform data.
    • Analog Output Path—Filters, amplifies, and attenuates the waveform data retrieved from the DAC.
    • Clocking—Creates and distributes the Sample Clock.
    • Onboard Reference Clock—Provides the default Reference Clock source.
    • Trigger and Event Control—Sends triggers and events to the Waveform Generation Engine and Routing Matrix.
    • Routing Matrix—Routes triggers and events between PXI trigger lines and PFI terminals.

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