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PXI-5404 Pinout and LEDs

    Last Modified: April 10, 2017

    Refer to the following figure and tables for information about the PXI-5404 front panel connectors and LEDs:

    Table 1. PXI-5404 Signal Descriptions
    Signal Connector Type Access Description
    CH 0 SINE SMB Output Generates a sine waveform of the desired frequency output.
    CLOCK Generates a clock signal that can be shared by other devices.
    PFI 0 Input/Output Accepts a trigger from an external source and can start or step through waveform generation or route signals from several clock, event, and trigger sources.
    REF OUT Output Routes signals from the PXI backplane clock, PXI trigger lines, or a divided-down version of the internal Sample Clock.
    REF IN Input Accepts an external PLL Reference Clock and can frequency lock the internal Sample Timebase Clock to the external Reference Clock.
    Table 2. PXI-5404 ACCESS LED Indicators
    The ACCESS LED indicates basic hardware status.
    LED Color Indication
    No color (off) The PXI-5404 is not yet functional, or the PXI-5404 has detected a problem with a power rail.
    Amber The PXI-5404 is being accessed.
    Green The PXI-5404 is ready to be programmed by NI-FGEN.
    Table 3. PXI-5404 ACTIVE LED Indicators
    The ACTIVE LED indicates the PXI-5404 hardware state.
    LED Color Indication
    No color (off) The PXI-5404 is not generating.
    Amber The PXI-5404 is armed and waiting for a trigger.
    Green The PXI-5404 has received a trigger and is generating a waveform.
    Red The PXI-5404 has detected an error. NI-FGEN must access the PXI-5404 to determine the cause of the error. The LED remains red until the error condition is removed. Example errors include the following:
    • PLL Unlocked: The PXI-5404 has detected an unlocked condition on a previously locked PLL or a PLL is unlocked while in reset.
    • The PXI-5404 remains in a power-up state.
    • Software error.

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