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PXIe-4357 Pinout

    Last Modified: March 21, 2017

    Module Connector

    Front Connector Diagram Pin Number Column A Column B Column C
    32 AI0+ AI5+
    31 EX0+ AI0- AI5-
    30 EX0- EX5- EX5+
    29 RSVD AI10+ AI15+
    28 EX10+ AI10- AI15-
    27 EX10- EX15- EX15+
    26 AI1+ AI6+
    25 EX1+ AI1- AI6-
    24 EX1- EX6- EX6+
    23 RSVD AI11+ AI16+
    22 EX11+ AI11- AI16-
    21 EX11- EX16- EX16+
    20 AI2+ AI7+
    19 EX2+ AI2- AI7-
    18 EX2- EX7- EX7+
    17 RSVD AI12+ AI17+
    16 EX12+ AI12- AI17-
    15 EX12- EX17- EX17+
    14 AI3+ AI8+
    13 EX3+ AI3- AI8-
    12 EX3- EX8- EX8+
    11 RSVD AI13+ AI18+
    10 EX13+ AI13- AI18-
    9 EX13- EX18- EX18+
    8 AI4+ AI9+
    7 EX4+ AI4- AI9-
    6 EX4- EX9- EX9+
    5 RSVD AI14+ AI19+
    4 EX14+ AI14- AI19-
    3 EX14- EX19- EX19+

    TB-4353 Pinout

    Table 1. Signal Descriptions
    Signal Description


    Positive Excitation—Connects to the positive current output of the channel. This is also the positive input channel for 2- and 3-wire configurations.


    Negative Excitation—Connects to the channel ground reference. This is the return path for the corresponding EX+ channel. This is also the negative input channel for 2-wire configurations.

    AI <0..19>+

    Positive input channel for 4-wire configurations.

    AI <0..19>-

    Negative input channel for 3- and 4-wire configurations.


    These pins are reserved for communication with the accessory or are not used for connections.

    No Connection.

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