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PXIe-4353 Pinout

    Last Modified: March 21, 2017

    Module Connector

    Front Connector Diagram Pin Number Column A Column B Column C
    32 COM TC0+ TC1+
    31 TC2+ TC0- TC1-
    30 TC2- TC3- TC3+
    29 COM TC4+ TC5+
    28 CJC0+ TC4- TC5-
    27 CJC0- TC6- TC6+
    26 COM TC7+ TC8+
    25 CJC1+ TC7- TC8-
    24 CJC1- TC9- TC9+
    23 COM TC10+ TC11+
    22 CJC2+ TC10- TC11-
    21 CJC2- TC12- TC12+
    20 COM TC13+ TC14+
    19 CJC3+ TC13- TC14-
    18 CJC3- TC15- TC15+
    17 COM TC16+ TC17+
    16 CJC4+ TC16- TC17-
    15 CJC4- TC18- TC18+
    14 COM TC19+ TC20+
    13 CJC5+ TC19- TC20-
    12 CJC5- TC21- TC21+
    11 COM TC22+ TC23+
    10 CJC6+ TC22- TC23-
    9 CJC6- TC24- TC24+
    8 COM TC25+ TC26+
    7 CJC7+ TC25- TC26-
    6 CJC7- TC27- TC27+
    5 COM TC28+ TC29+
    4 TC30+ TC28- TC29-
    3 TC30- TC31- TC31+

    TB-4353 Pinout

    TC-4353 Pinout

    Table 1. Signal Descriptions
    Signal Description

    TC<0..31>+ , TC<0..31>– -

    Thermocouple input channels—TC+ is the positive thermocouple input terminal, and TC– is the negative thermocouple input terminal.

    CJC<0..7>+, CJC<0..7>–

    Cold-Junction Compensation Channels—These terminals are used to measure the CJC thermistors on the terminal block. The CJC channels are sampled during a thermocouple acquisition for the associated thermocouple channel in order to compensate for the thermocouple cold junction.


    These terminals are connected to the isolated ground reference for all of the thermocouple channels.


    These pins are reserved for communication with the accessory.

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