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PXIe-6674 Front Panel and LED

    Last Modified: September 19, 2018

    1. Access LED
    2. Active LED
    3. CLKOUT Connector
    4. PFI<0..5>/PFI_LVDS<0..2> Connectors
    5. CLKIN Connector
    Table 1. Signal Descriptions
    Signal Description
    CLKIN AC coupled, 50 Ω clock input. CLKIN can be routed to the FPGA for use as a synchronization clock.
    CLKOUT AC coupled clock output. CLKOUT can be sourced from the PXI-CLK10, Clock Generation, or from the PXIe_DSTARA line.
    PFI or PFI_LVDS Programmable Function Interface which can be individually configured for either single ended operation or LVDS operation. In LVDS mode, the connectors are paired and can be programmatically set as either inputs or outputs, but not both simultaneously.

    Connections that exceed any of the maximum ratings of input or output signals on the PXIe-6674 can damage the module and the computer. NI is not liable for any damage resulting from such signal connections.

    Table 2. Access LED
    Color Status
    Off Module is not yet functional.
    Green Driver has initiated the module.
    Amber Module is being accessed. The Access LED flashes amber for 50 ms when the module is accessed.
    Blinking Red Module has detected an over-temperature condition.
    Solid Red A hardware error has been detected.

    If the Access LED is observed to be blinking red, the module has detected an over-temperature condition. Continued use of the PXIe-6674 in this condition is not recommended as product reliability may become compromised. Since several common problems can cause an over-temperature condition, please investigate the following:

    • Check that all chassis covers, filler panels, and/or slot blockers are installed.
    • Make sure that the chassis fan speed is set to the highest setting.
    • If applicable, check that the chassis fan air intake is not blocked and that the fan filters are clean.
    • Make sure that the ambient temperature around the chassis isn't above the rated temperature specifications. If so, move the chassis to a cooler ambient temperature location.

    If the Access LED is observed to be solid red, a hardware failure has been detected that may impact the performance of the PXIe-6674. Contact National Instruments for support.

    Active LED: You can set the Active LED to amber.

    Changing the Active LED color to amber is helpful when you want to identify devices in a mutlichassis situation, or when you want an indication that your application has reached a predetermined section of the code.

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