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PXIe-6672 Front Panel

    Last Modified: March 12, 2019

    1. Access LED
    2. Active LED
    3. CLKOUT Connector
    4. CLKIN Connector
    5. PFI<0..5> Connectors
    Table 1. Signal Descriptions
    Signal Description
    CLKIN AC coupled, 50 Ω clock input. CLKIN can be routed to the FPGA for use as a synchronization clock.
    CLKOUT AC coupled clock output. CLKOUT can be sourced from the PXI-CLK10, Clock Generation, or from the PXIe_DSTARA line.
    PFI Programmable Function Interface. These connectors can be used for either input or output. Additionally, PFI 0 can be used as a clock input for internally synchronizing other signals.
    Table 2. Access LED
    Color Status
    Off Module is not yet functional.
    Green Driver has initialized the module.
    Amber Module is being accessed. The Access LED flashes amber for 50 ms when the module is accessed.
    Table 3. Active LED
    The Active LED can indicate an error or phase-locked loop (PLL) activity. You can change the Active LED to amber unless an error overrides the selection. Refer to the following table for the meaning of each Active LED color.
    Color PXI_CLK10 Stopped PLL Error User Setting PLL Active
    Red Yes Yes
    Amber No No Yes
    Green No No No Yes
    Off No No No No

    A red Active LED can indicate that either PXI_CLK10 has stopped or that there is a PLL error.

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