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PXI-6683 Front Panel and LEDs

    Last Modified: September 19, 2018

    1. GPS LED
    2. 1588 LED
    3. GPS Antenna Connector
    4. CLKOUT Connector
    5. CLKIN Connector
    6. PFI0/IRIG-B Input Connector
    7. PFI<1..2> Connectors
    8. Ethernet Speed LED
    9. Ethernet ACT/LINK LED
    10. RJ-45 Ethernet Connector
    Table 1. Signal Descriptions
    Pin Signal Description
    GPS Antenna Connector GPS ANT This connector provides 5 VDC for an active antenna. This connector also serves as the input for the RF signal coming in from the GPS antenna.
    CLKOUT Connector CLKOUT Clock output. This connector is used to source a 10 MHz clock that can be routed programmatically from the temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) or backplane clock (PXI_CLK10).
    CLKIN Connector CLKIN Clock input. This connector supplies the module with a clock that can be programmatically routed to the PXI backplane (PXI_CLK10_IN) for distribution to the other modules in the chassis when the PXI-6683 is installed in the system timing slot.

    The PXI-6683H does not have the CLKIN connector.

    PFI0/IRIG-B Input Connector PFI0/IRIG-B IN Input for channel 0 of the Programmable Function Interface. This connector can be used for either input or output. You can program the behavior of this PFI connection individually. PFI0 can function as an input for IRIG-B DC or AM.

    Do not connect an AM signal to PFI0 when the PFI line is configured for digital operations. This could cause damage to the digital circuitry, the device driving the AM signal, or both. Always ensure the line is configured for IRIG-B AM operation before connecting an IRIG-B AM signal.

    PFI<1..2> Connectors PFI<1..2> Input for channels 1 and 2 of the Programmable function interface. These connectors can be used for either input or output. You can program the behavior of these PFI connections individually.
    RJ-45 Ethernet Connector RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet connection. This connector allows the module to communicate via standard Ethernet cabling.
    Table 2. GPS LED
    The GPS LED indicates the status of the GPS hardware.
    Color Status
    Off Not using GPS*
    Amber Attempting to start self survey
    Blinking Amber Self survey in progress
    Blinking Green Self survey complete (normal operation)
    Red Error

    *The GPS LED is turned off if GPS is not set as the time reference.

    An error is generated when the antenna is disconnected, when there is an antenna malfunction, or when there is a hardware malfunction.

    Table 3. 1588 LED
    The 1588 LED indicates the status of the IEEE 1588 synchronization protocol.
    Color Status
    Off Not using 1588*
    Amber Initializing
    Blinking Amber (2 seconds) Listening or Passive
    Green Uncalibrated or Slave
    Blinking Green (2 seconds) Master or Premaster
    Red Faulty

    *1588 has been disabled or stopped.

    Table 4. Ethernet Speed LED
    The Ethernet Speed LED indicates the PXI-6683 Series Ethernet link speed.
    Color Status
    Off 10 Mbps
    Green 100 Mbps
    Amber 1000 Mbps
    Table 5. Ethernet ACT/LINK LED
    The Ethernet ACT/LINK LED indicates the PXI-6683 Series Ethernet link condition.
    Color Status
    Off No Ethernet link
    Green Ethernet link established
    Blink Ethernet activity occurring

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