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PXIe-4139 Specifications

    Last Modified: November 30, 2020

    These specifications apply to the PXIe-4139.


    In this document, the PXIe-4139 (40W) and PXIe-4139 (20W) are referred to inclusively as the PXIe-4139. The information in this document applies to all versions of the PXIe-4139 unless otherwise specified. To determine which version of the module you have, locate the device name in one of the following places:

    • In MAX—The PXIe-4139 (40W) shows NI PXIe-4139 (40W), and the PXIe-4139 (20W) shows as NI PXIe-4139.
    • Device front panel—The PXIe-4139 (40W) shows PXIe-4139 40W System SMU, and the PXIe-4139 (20W) shows NI PXIe-4139 Precision System SMU on the front panel.

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