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Extended Range Pulsing for PXIe-4139 (20W)[1]

    Last Modified: November 30, 2020

    Bias level limits

    Maximum voltage

    60 V

    Maximum current

    3 A

    Pulse level limits

    Maximum voltage

    50 V

    Maximum current

    10 A

    Maximum on time[2]

    1 ms

    Minimum pulse cycle time

    5 ms


    0.2 J

    Maximum cycle average power

    10 W

    Maximum duty cycle


    • 1 Extended range pulses fall outside DC range limits for either current or power. In-range pulses fall within DC range limits and are not subject to extended range pulsing limitations. Extended range pulsing is enabled by configuring the Output Function to Pulse Voltage or Pulse Current.
    • 2 Pulse on time is measured from the start of the leading edge to the start of the trailing edge. See Figure 1.

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