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Device Capabilities

    Last Modified: November 30, 2020

    The following table and figures illustrate the voltage and the current source and sink ranges of the PXIe-4139.

    Table 1. Current Source and Sink Ranges
    DC voltage ranges DC current source and sink ranges
    • 600 mV
    • 6 V
    • 60 V[1]
    • 1 μA
    • 10 μA
    • 100 μA
    • 1 mA
    • 10 mA
    • 100 mA
    • 1 A
    • 3 A
    • 10 A, pulse only
    Figure 1. Quadrant Diagram for PXIe-4139 (40W)

    For additional information related to the Pulse Voltage or Pulse Current settings of the Output Function, for the PXIe-4139 (40W), including pulse on time and duty cycle limits for a particular operating point, refer to Pulsed Operation.

    For supplementary examples, refer to Examples of Determining Extended Range Pulse Parameters and Optimizing Slew Rate using NI SourceAdapt.

    Figure 2. Quadrant Diagram for PXIe-4139 (20W)

    DC sourcing power and sinking power are limited to the values in the following table, regardless of output voltage.[2]

    Table 2. DC Sourcing & Sinking Power
    Model Variant Chassis Type DC Sourcing Power DC Sinking Power
    PXIe-4139 (40W) ≥58 W Slot Cooling Capacity 40 W 40 W
    <58 W Slot Cooling Capacity 20 W 12 W
    PXIe-4139 (20W) ≥58 W Slot Cooling Capacity 20 W 12 W
    <58 W Slot Cooling Capacity 20 W 12 W

    Limit DC power sinking to 12 W where applicable as indicated in the above table. For 38W cooling slots,

    • Additional derating applies to sinking power when operating at an ambient temperature of >45 °C.
    • If the PXI Express chassis has multiple fan speed settings, set the fans to the highest setting.
    • 1 The PXIe-4139 does not support configurations involving voltage > |42.4 V| when Sequence Step Delta Time Enabled is set to True.
    • 2 Power limit defined by voltage measured between HI and LO terminals.

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