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PXIe-4147 Pinout and LEDs

    Last Modified: May 12, 2020

    Table 1. Signal Descriptions
    Item Description
    Access Status Indicator LED
    Voltage Status Indicator LED
    Pin 1 CH 0 Guard
    Pin 2 CH 0 Sense HI
    Pin 3 CH 0 Sense LO
    Pin 4 CH 1 Guard
    Pin 5 CH 1 Sense HI
    Pin 6 CH 1 Sense LO
    Pin 7 CH 2 Guard
    Pin 8 CH 2 Sense HI
    Pin 9 CH 2 Sense LO
    Pin 10 CH 3 Guard
    Pin 11 CH 3 Sense HI
    Pin 12 CH 3 Sense LO
    Pin 13 N/C
    Pin 14 CH 0 Output HI
    Pin 15 CH 0 Guard
    Pin 16 CH 0 Output LO
    Pin 17 CH 1 Output HI
    Pin 18 CH 1 Guard
    Pin 19 CH 1 Output LO
    Pin 20 CH 2 Output HI
    Pin 21 CH 2 Guard
    Pin 22 CH 2 Output LO
    Pin 23 CH 3 Output HI
    Pin 24 CH 3 Guard
    Pin 25 CH 3 Output LO
    Table 2. LED Access Status Indicator
    Status Indicator Device State
    (Off) Not Powered
    Green Powered
    Amber Device is being accessed
    Table 3. LED Voltage Status Indicator
    Status Indicator Output Channel State
    (Off) All device outputs are disconnected from their voltage generation sources through output disconnect relays.
    Green At least one device output is connected to a voltage generation source.
    Red The device has a fault or is in error due to the voltage generated or measured by the device. Refer to the driver software for possible sources. The device will not operate until the error is cleared and/or the device is reset.

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