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PXIe-4463 BNC and Mini-XLR Pinout

    Last Modified: March 20, 2017

    Table 1. Signal Descriptions
    Signal Reference Description

    AO <0,1>+, AO <0,1>-

    Analog Output ChannelsAO+ and AO- are the positive and negative outputs of the pseudodifferential or differential analog channel.

    PFI <0,1>


    Programmable Function Interface—A digital trigger input.


    Chassis Ground Ground reference for the PFI inputs. On Mini-XLR connectors, GND also provides chassis grounding for AO.

    Table 2. LED State/Device Status
    LED LED Color Status
    ACCESS Green The module is ready to be programmed.
    Amber The module is being accessed.
    Off The module is not yet functional, or has detected a problem with a PXI power rail.
    AO 0, AO 1 Red An error has been detected on the channel or board. Possible errors include the following:
    • The board is overheated
    • The power supply is not at the proper voltage
    • A clocking error occurred (PLL fell out of lock or PXIeClk100 was not present when using the external timebase)
    • An external overvoltage or overcurrent was detected
    • An overload was detected
    • A streaming underflow was detected on the channel
    • Internal hardware failed (either due to software or hardware failure)
    Green The channel is actively generating a signal.
    Amber The channel is waiting for a trigger to start generating.
    Green/Amber (Alternating Flashing) The reference clock source is changing to onboard or PXIeClk100.

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