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PXI-5691 Block Diagram

    Last Modified: December 18, 2017

    Channel 0 (CH 0) functions as a fixed gain amplifier. Channel 1 (CH 1) functions as a programmable amplifier containing two user-selectable paths.

    Channel 0

    This channel offers low noise figure and a flat frequency response. Use CH 0 as you would a conventional fixed gain amplifier.

    Channel 1 User-Selected Paths

    The main path consists of fixed gain amplification with a step attenuator that is adjustable by software in 0.5 dB nominal steps according to user-specified gain settings. By default, CH 1 is initialized to use the main path with minimum gain.

    The direct path provides the option of bypassing the attenuator-amplifier circuitry. This path is useful for handling higher power inputs that may cause distortion in the NI RF amplifier.

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