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    Last Modified: February 23, 2017

    High-bandwidth control of PXI Express

    • x16 Gen 2 PCI Express control of PXI Express
    • Compatible only with NI rack-mount controllers (RMC-8354 and RMC-8355)
    • Sustained throughput of up to 5.6 GB/s (2.8 GB/s bidirectional or 5.6 GB/s unidirectional)
    • Supports peer-to-peer data transfers between chassis
    • 1 m or 3 m copper cable options

    The PXIe-PCIe-8388/89 MXI-Express for PXI Express kits feature a fully transparent, high-bandwidth, cabled PCI Express link where all PXI and PXI Express modules appear as PCI boards within the computer itself.

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