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PXI-4110 Pinout

    Last Modified: February 21, 2017

    Table 1. Signal Descriptions
    Item Signal Description
    A Output Connector, Terminal 0 Channel 0 (0 to +6 V)
    B Channel 0 (0 to +6 V) GND
    C Output Connector, Terminal 2 Channel 1 (0 to +20 V)
    D Output Connector, Terminal 3 Common Floating GND
    E Output Connector, Terminal 4 Common Floating GND
    F Output Connector, Terminal 5 Channel 2 (0 to -20 V)
    G Auxiliary Power Input Connector, Terminal 0 Auxiliary Power Input (+11 V to +15.5 V)
    H Auxiliary Power Input Connector, Terminal 1 GND
    I Auxiliary Power Input Fuse Holder -
    J Auxiliary Power Input Status Indicator LED
    K Channel 2 Output Status Indicator LED
    L Channel 1 Output Status Indicator LED
    M Channel 0 Output Status Indicator LED
    Table 2. LED Channel Status Indicator
    Status Indicator Channel Output State
    (Off) Disabled
    Green Enabled (Constant voltage mode)
    Amber Enabled (Constant current mode)
    Red Disabled because of error, such as an overtemperature condition
    Table 3. LED Auxiliary Input Status Indicator
    Status Indicator Auxiliary Power Input State
    (Off) Auxiliary power input disconnected or out of range
    Green[1] Auxiliary power input connected and within range
    • 1 A green auxiliary input status indicator does not indicate that the auxiliary power is in use. To determine if the PXI-4110 is using auxiliary power, use the niDCPower Power Source In Use property or NICPOWER_ATTR_POWER_SOURCE_IN_USE attribute.

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