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    Last Modified: February 21, 2017

    3-Channel, 20 V, 1 A PXI Programmable Power Supply

    • 0 V to 6 V, 1 A power supply channel
    • 0 V to 20 V, 1 A power supply channel
    • -20 V to 0 V, 1 A power supply channel
    • Max output power determined by power source, 9 W from PXI backplane or 46 W from APS-4100

    PXI-4110 Quadrant Diagrams

    The following diagrams illustrate the output voltage and current capabilities of the PXI-4110.
    Figure 1. Channel 0 Quadrant Diagram
    Figure 2. Channel 1 Quadrant Diagram
    Figure 3. Channel 2 Quadrant Diagram

    Auxiliary Power Supply

    When drawing internal power from the PXI backplane, channels 1 and 2 of the PXI-4110 are fully operational at a lower output current (≤100 mA) and do not require an auxiliary power source.

    If your application requires additional current, you can connect an auxiliary DC power supply capable of providing 11 V to 15.5 V and ≥60 W to increase the output current capability of these channels to 1 A. NI offers the APS-4100, an auxiliary power source, for use with the PXI-4110.

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