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Running Self-Calibration

    Last Modified: June 13, 2019

    Running self-calibration enables the PXIe-5163 to yield full performance over its operating temperature range and two-year external calibration cycle.

    Before running self-calibration, warm up the PXIe-5163 for at least 15 minutes.


    Warm-up begins after the chassis and controller or PC is powered and NI-SCOPE is loaded and recognizes the PXIe-5163.

    PXIe-5163 modules are externally calibrated at the factory, but for optimal performance, use self-calibration in any of the following situations:

    • After first installing the PXIe-5163 in your chassis
    • After any module in the chassis is installed, uninstalled, or moved
    • When the system is in an environment where the ambient temperature varies or the module temperature has drifted more than ±5 °C from the previous self-calibration
    • To periodically adjust for small performance drifts that occur with product aging
    • When 90 days have elapsed since the previous self-calibration

    You can use the nodes on the NI-SCOPE External Calibration palette to programmatically return the date and module temperature of the previous self-calibration. You can also view this information by selecting the device in MAX.

    Self-calibrate the PXIe-5163 programmatically in NI-SCOPE or on demand in MAX.
    Option Description
    NI-SCOPE Use the Self Calibrate node to self-calibrate the module.
    MAX Select the device in the Devices and Interfaces menu and click the Self-Calibrate button.
    When the two-year external calibration interval expires, an external calibration is required to ensure performance that is within specification over the subsequent two years.

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