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PXIe-5163 Front Panel and Pinout

    Last Modified: June 13, 2019

    Front Panel

    Table 1. Connectors
    Signal Connector Type Description
    CH 0 and CH 1 BNC female Analog input connection; digitizes data and triggers acquisitions.
    CLK IN SMB Imports an external reference clock or sample clock to the oscilloscope.
    PFI 0 SMB PFI line for digital trigger input/output, probe compensation.
    AUX 0 MHDMR Reference clock input, reference clock output, bidirectional digital PFI, and 3.3 V power output.
    Table 2. Access LED
    Color Indications
    Off The module is not yet functional or the module has detected a problem with a power rail.
    Amber The module is being accessed.
    Green The module is ready to be programmed.
    Table 3. Active LED
    Color Indications
    Off Module is not armed, triggered, or acquiring a waveform.
    Amber The module is armed and waiting for a Reference (Stop) Trigger.
    Green The module has received a Reference (Stop) Trigger. Also indicates that the module is acquiring a waveform.

    The module has detected an error. The LED remains red until the error condition is removed. The following scenarios are examples of potential errors:

    • Detected an unlocked condition on a previously locked PLL. A PLL that is unlocked while in reset does not show an error.
    • Unable to detect the external sample clock.
    • Detected an overheating or overpowering error.

    Certain driver interactions may cause the Active LED to flash red. An error condition does not exist unless the Active LED remains red.

    AUX 0 Connector Pinout

    Table 4. AUX 0 Connector Pin Assignments
    Pin Signal Signal Description
    1 GND Ground reference for signals
    2 CLK IN Used to import an external reference clock
    3 GND Ground reference for signals
    4 GND Ground reference for signals
    5 CLK OUT Used to export the reference clock
    6 GND Ground reference for signals
    7 GND Ground reference for signals
    8 AUX 0/PFI 0 Bidirectional PFI line
    9 AUX 0/PFI 1 Bidirectional PFI line
    10 GND Ground reference for signals
    11 AUX 0/PFI 2 Bidirectional PFI line
    12 AUX 0/PFI 3 Bidirectional PFI line
    13 GND Ground reference for signals
    14 AUX 0/PFI 4 Bidirectional PFI line
    15 AUX 0/PFI 5 Bidirectional PFI line
    16 AUX 0/PFI 6 Bidirectional PFI line
    17 AUX 0/PFI 7 Bidirectional PFI line
    18 +3.3 V +3.3 V power (200 mA maximum)
    19 GND Ground reference for signals

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