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PXIe-5160 Front Panel

    Last Modified: December 12, 2017

    Table 1. PXIe-5160 Signal Descriptions
    Signal Connector Type Description
    CH 0, CH 1 BNC Analog input connection; digitizes data and triggers acquisitions
    CH 2, CH 3 Additional analog input connections on the PXIe-5160 (4 CH)
    TRIG External analog trigger connection; signals on the TRIG connector cannot be digitized
    CLK IN SMB Imports an external Reference Clock or Sample Clock to the device
    CLK OUT Exports the Reference Clock from the device
    PFI 0 PFI line for digital trigger input/output
    PFI 1 PFI line for digital trigger input/output and probe compensation; no subsample trigger accuracy

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