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PXI-5153 Front Panel

    Last Modified: February 21, 2017

    Table 1. Connector Descriptions
    Connector Description
    CH 0, CH 1 Analog input connection; digitizes data and triggers acquisitions
    TRIG External analog trigger connection; signals on the TRIG connector cannot be digitized
    PFI 0 Reference clock in, sample clock in, digital trigger in/out
    PFI 1 Reference clock out, +5 V out, digital trigger in/out
    Table 2. LED Indicators
    LED Color Description
    ACCESS None (LED is off) The PXI-5153 is not yet functional or has detected a problem with a power rail.
    Amber The PXI-5153 is being accessed.
    Green The PXI-5153 is ready to be programmed by NI-SCOPE.
    ACTIVE None (LED is off) The PXI-5153 is not armed, triggered, or acquiring a waveform.
    Amber The PXI-5153 is armed and waiting for a trigger.
    Green The PXI-5153 has received a Reference (Stop) trigger or is acquiring a waveform.
    Red The PXI-5153 has detected an error. Access the module with NI-SCOPE to determine the cause of the error. This LED remains red until the error condition is removed.

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