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    Last Modified: February 23, 2017

    Low-voltage multiplexer/matrix FET switch module

    • Expandable matrix and multiplexer
    • Can be used in the following configurations with the NI TB-2605:
      • 1-wire 48x1 multiplexer
      • 2-wire 24x1 multiplexer
      • 2-wire dual 12x1 multiplexer
      • 2-wire quad 6x1 multiplexer
      • 4-wire 12x1 multiplexer
    • Can be used as a 2-wire 4x6 matrix with the NI TB-2606
    • Instrument synchronization with hardware triggers
    • 1024-step scan list for deterministic scanning
    • Temperature sensor channel for cold-junction compensation
    • Can convert individual channels to current-to-voltage converters

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