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PXIe-6124 Pinout

    Last Modified: March 21, 2017

    Table 1. Default Counter/Timer Terminals
    Counter/Timer Signal Default PFI Terminal
    CTR 0 SRC PFI 8
    CTR 0 GATE PFI 9
    CTR 0 AUX PFI 10
    CTR 0 OUT PFI 12
    CTR 0 A PFI 8
    CTR 0 Z PFI 9
    CTR 0 B PFI 10
    CTR 1 SRC PFI 3
    CTR 1 GATE PFI 4
    CTR 1 AUX PFI 11
    CTR 1 OUT PFI 13
    CTR 1 A PFI 3
    CTR 1 Z PFI 4
    CTR 1 B PFI 11
    Table 2. Signal Descriptions
    Signal Reference Description

    AI <0..3> GND

    Analog Input Ground—These terminals are the bias current return point for AI DIFF measurements.

    AI <0..3>+, AI <0..3>-

    Analog Input Channels—AI+ terminals are routed to the (+) terminal of the respective channel amplifier. AI- terminals are routed to the (–) terminal of the respective channel amplifier.

    AO <0..3>+, AO <0..3>-

    Analog Output Channels—These terminals supply voltage output.

    AO GND

    Analog Output Ground— The AO voltages and the external reference voltage are referenced to these terminals.

    D GND

    Digital Ground—D GND supplies the reference for port 0, port 1, port 2 and digital channels, and PFI. D GND is isolated from earth ground and chassis ground.


    D GND

    Port 0 Digital I/O ChannelsYou can configure this signal as an input or output. P0.6 and P0.7 can also control the up/down signal of Counters 0 and 1, respectively.

    PFI <0..7>/P1.<0..7>, PFI <8..15>/P2.<0..7>

    D GND

    Programmable Function Interface or Digital I/O Channels—Each of these terminals can be individually configured as a PFI terminal or a digital I/O terminal.

    As an input, each PFI terminal can be used to supply an external source for AI, AO, DI, and DO timing signals or counter/timer inputs. As a PFI output, you can route many different internal AI, AO, DI, or DO timing signals to each PFI terminal. You can also route the counter/timer outputs to each PFI terminal. As a port 1 or port 2 digital I/O signal, you can individually configure each signal as an input or output.


    No connect—Do not connect signals to this terminal.

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