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PXIe-5624 Front Panel and LEDs

    Last Modified: December 13, 2017

    Table 1. Connector Descriptions
    Connector Use
    IF IN

    Analog input terminal for intermediate frequency (IF) signals.

    PFI 0

    Programmable function digital I/O (DIO) connector for triggers or events.

    CLK IN

    Input for an external ADC Clock (Sample Clock) or Reference Clock to the digitizer.


    Output for an ADC Clock (Sample Clock) or PLL Reference Clock from the digitizer.


    DIO terminal that contains 12 general-purpose DIO signals. DIO lines are direction configurable as input or output.

    Table 2. LED Indicators
    LED Indication

    Indicates the basic hardware status of the PXIe-5624.

    OFF—The module is not yet functional, or the module has detected a problem with a PXI Express power rail.

    AMBER—The module is being accessed. Accessed means that the device setup registers are being written to in order to control the device.

    GREEN—The module is ready to be programmed by NI-RFSA.

    RED—The module has exceeded the approved operation temperature and thermal shutdown has occurred.


    Indicates the PXIe-5624 module state.

    OFF—The module is not armed, triggered, or acquiring a waveform.

    AMBER—The module is armed and waiting for a trigger.

    GREEN—The module has received a Reference Trigger. A green LED also indicates that the module is acquiring a waveform.

    RED—The module has detected an error. NI-RFSA must access the module to determine the cause of the error. The LED remains red until the error condition is removed.

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