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PXIe-5622 Front Panel and LEDs

    Last Modified: September 12, 2017

    Table 1. Connector Descriptions
    Connector Description
    IF IN Analog input connection for data and triggering
    PFI 1 Digital trigger input
    CLK IN Imports an external Reference or Sample clock
    CLK OUT Exports the Reference or Sample clock
    Table 2. LED Indicators
    LED Color Description
    ACCESS None (LED is off) The PXIe-5622 is not yet functional or has detected a problem with a power rail.
    Amber The PXIe-5622 is being accessed.
    Green The PXIe-5622 is ready to be programmed by NI-SCOPE.
    ACTIVE None (LED is off) The PXIe-5622 is not armed, triggered, or acquiring a waveform.
    Amber The PXIe-5622 is armed and waiting for a trigger.
    Green The PXIe-5622 has received a Reference (Stop) trigger or is acquiring a waveform.
    Red The PXIe-5622 has detected an error. Access the module with NI-SCOPE to determine the cause of the error. This LED remains red until the error condition is removed.

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