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Functional Overview

    Last Modified: January 30, 2018

    The PXIe-8238 is a peripheral module in a 1-slot 3U PXI Express form factor. The following figure is a functional block diagram of the PXIe-8238. Following the diagram is a description of each logic block shown.

    Figure 1. PXIe-8238 Block Diagram

    The PXIe-8238 consists of the following logic blocks on two circuit card assemblies (CCA):

    • The PXI Express Connectors connect the PXIe-8238 to the PXI Express/CompactPCI Express backplane.
    • The PCI Express Switch links the PXI Express backplane to the Ethernet controller on the OCP mezzanine card with PCI Express x8 links.
    • The OCP Mezzanine Card block consists of the Ethernet controller and the SFP+ connectors that provide the 10 GbE connectivity.

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