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PXIe-6555 Front Panel

    Last Modified: September 14, 2017

    Front Panel

    Table 1. PXIe-6555 ACCESS LED Indicators
    Callout LED Color Indication
    1 Off Device not ready
    Amber Device being accessed by software
    Green Device ready to be programmed
    Red Running the niHIDIO Self Test node or calling the niHSDIO_self_test function produced a failure
    Table 2. PXIe-6555 ACTIVE LED Indicators
    Callout LED Color Indication
    2 Off Device not armed and not triggered
    Amber Device armed and awaiting Start Trigger; if performing a dynamic acquisition operation, the device may be acquiring pretrigger samples.
    Green Device received Start Trigger
    Red Error condition
    Table 3. PXIe-6555 Signal Descriptions
    Callout Signal Connector Type Description
    3 CLK IN SMA jack External Sample Clock, external Reference Clock
    4 PFI 0 Events, triggers
    5 CLK OUT External Sample Clock, exported Reference Clock
    6 Remote Sense 68-pin VHDCI PPMU remote sensing channels, external force, external sense, and analog calibration
    7 Digital Data & Control (DDC) Digital data channels, PPMN channels, exported Sample Clock, STROBE, events, triggers

    Remote Sense Pinout

    Table 4. Remote Sense Signal Descriptions
    Signal Description
    CAL DMM Calibration connection
    CAL GND Calibration ground connection
    DIO SENSE Remote sense connection for PPMU channel
    EXTERNAL FORCE Force connection for external SMU/DC
    EXTERNAL SENSE Sense connection for external SMU/DC
    GND Ground connection
    NC No connection
    PFI SENSE Remote sense connection for PFI channel

    Digital Data & Control Pinout

    Table 5. Digital Data & Control Signal Descriptions
    Signal Description
    DDC CLK OUT Sample clock out connection
    DIO Digital input/output connection
    GND Ground connection
    PFI Trigger input/event output connection
    RSVD Reserved, do not connect
    STROBE Sample clock source connection

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