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PXI-6552 Front Panel

    Last Modified: September 13, 2017

    Front Panel

    Table 1. PXI-6552 ACCESS LED Indicators
    Callout LED Color Indication
    1 Off Device not ready
    Amber Device being accessed by software
    Green Device ready to be programmed
    Red Running the niHIDIO Self Test node or calling the niHSDIO_self_test function produced a failure
    Table 2. PXI-6552 ACTIVE LED Indicators
    Callout LED Color Indication
    2 Off Device not armed and not triggered
    Amber Device armed and awaiting Start Trigger; if performing a dynamic acquisition operation, the device may be acquiring pretrigger samples.
    Green Device received Start Trigger
    Red Error condition
    Table 3. PXI-6552 Signal Descriptions
    Callout Signal Connector Type Description
    3 CLK IN SMB jack External Sample Clock, external PLL reference input
    4 PFI 0 Events, triggers
    5 CLK OUT Exported Sample Clock, exported Reference Clock
    6 Digital Data & Control (DDC) 68-pin VHDCI Digital data channels, exported Sample Clock, STROBE, events, triggers

    Digital Data & Control Pinout

    Table 4. Digital Data & Control Signal Descriptions
    Signal Description
    DDC CLK OUT Sample clock out connection
    DIO Digital input/output connection
    GND Ground connection
    PFI Trigger input/event output connection
    RSVD Reserved, do not connect
    STROBE Sample clock source connection

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