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PXIe-8115 Front Panel

    Last Modified: February 24, 2017

    The following figure shows the front panel layout of the PXIe-8115.
    1. USB 2.0
    2. LEDs
    3. Trigger
    4. COM1
    5. Ethernet
    6. DisplayPort
    7. Parallel Port
    8. Reset Button
    9. GPIB
    10. ExpressCard/34

    The following table lists various peripherals and their corresponding PXIe-8115 external connectors, bus interfaces, and functions.

    Peripheral External Connector Description
    Video DisplayPort Intel® Extreme Graphics controller
    Serial COM1 (9-pin DSUB) 16550 RS-232 serial port
    Ethernet LAN (RJ45) 10/100/1000 Ethernet connection
    Parallel Parallel Port (36-pin champ) IEEE 1284
    USB USB 4-pin Series A stacked receptacle (6 ports) Hi-Speed USB
    PXI trigger Trigger (SMB) Routing PXI triggers to or from the backplane trigger bus
    GPIB device GPIB (25-pin Micro D) General-Purpose Interface Bus, IEEE 488.1
    ExpressCard/34 module ExpressCard/34 slot ExpressCard/34 Expansion

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